Joseph Plazo Unveils 2014 Digital Advertising Method

10/12/2013 19:33

Matt Cutts revealed on Oct 2013 that no pagerank upgrade would occur this year. That was far from the fact. Days earlier on December 4, 2013, Google rolled out a new set of pagerank updates which downgraded over 90 % of internet sites. Expedia ammed among those hardest struck- the travel leviathan was penalized. It now suffers a pagerank 0. Joseph R. Plazo

In today's SEO Roundtable Top at Marco Polo Hotels and resort, several digital marketer convened to talk about the future of internet marketing. The state of mind is naturally stressful. Among the keynote speakers, Joseph R. Plazo, recommended to following tips to regain lost ranking for websites hit by the current google shift:.

1) Concentrate on clean content. The even more shareable material you create, the more most likely other sites will mention yours. This will raise your ranking.
2) Offer to visitor blog site on high pagerank websites. By providing quality material on external websites, you are privileged with plugging in back links to your penalized site.

3) Create silo sites structured such that pagerank power flows within the internal connecting properties of the site. This little recognized SEO technique helps plug ranking power leakages and boosts the site's SERPs.

4) Deal with government and universities pro bono. Once the job is accomplished, government might mention its benefactor on official networks- resulting in bolstered ranking for your business.

Joseph R. Plazo is a lawyer, architect and digital marketer. He worked as VP of Operations for Syntures LLC and is presently Chief Technical Policeman of Midas Internet Engineers. Contact Joseph Plazo at his blog. To attend the next SES 2014 Summit at Hongkong, enroll at
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